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Winter Weather & Your Roof
Your roof protects you when winter weather hits. Homeowners what you need to know about ice and snow on your roof.

Removing ice and snow from your roof.

Here in Northeast Arkansas, Southeast Missouri many home owners and business owners have experienced ice and snow accumulating. Snow is very pretty and fun to play in yet causes leaks even on newly installed roofs. Its very important you maintenance your  roof during winter conditions. 

Maintenance on your roof is important! Your safety should come first! 

Remove the snow and ice from the gutters let the water drain from your roof! Yes we understand it's cold out there and no one wants to be in it any more than they have to but there are benefits to taking the time and doing it! Your protecting your home, your personal assets and your family. 

Ice on your roof is no doubt worse than snow, ice typically results in leaks when it sticks around for days. 

Ice has weight and weight on your roof needs to be removed from your roof and gutters. Once ice starts to melt it doesn't always remove the problem. Melting ice will remain in large chunks on roof it melts and the water will travel under the ice. This water needs to be draining through gutters but most gutters are accumulated with ice too! Water has no where to go if gutters are clogged therefore it results in leaks. 

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